OT: watching the USNT play Germany on ESPN2

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Posted by barrya on September 08, 2023 at 06:53:28

This game just doesn't do much for me - it's almost entirely - on the US side anyway, less so on the German side - somebody take the ball and do do something to get to the basket or create a shot. One man at a time stuff. Precious few assists, heaven forbid someone sets a screen for someone else. And have yet to see a three point shot with a defender within three feet of the shooter.

Now of course this is an entirely subjective reaction. i LOVED watching Jaime Jaquez Jr when he did that stuff - "old man game" - and truth be told Dolph Schayes was my favorite player a short time ago when i was a kid. So i expect those who are in to this are enjoying it. But what i appreciate most is team rather than individual basketball. To me, team sports is about utilizing the potential of many to be superior to one. John Wooden's patterned offense was beautiful - a pattern repeated that produced opportunities for each player to use what he could do best and that produced different options off each element in the pattern. And it was repeatable and paid off based mostly on what YOU could do rather than focusing on an opponent's abilities. (i mean strategically, not tactically of course)

Anyway, the USA's approach is so entirely based on having one guy at a time take the ball and make something happen it's hard for me to see how this pays off against an opponent who also has talented individual players but focuses more on sharing the ball and getting SOMEONE on one's team the best shot possible on every trip down the court.

(admittedly, the rules in the international game with the clock and all are designed to allow for individual performance and align the action as fast as possible as opposed to running individual plays - i get that, just don't enjoy it so much. As i write this a US guard just dribbled a bit and hit a teammate wide open on the perimeter for an easy three. Nice to see instead of the guy who gets the ball first just working a bit and shooting possession after possession.]

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