Re: the 3 point shot illustrates a struggle between two needs:

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Posted by barrya on September 14, 2023 at 17:46:14

In Reply to: Re: the 3 point shot illustrates a struggle between two needs: posted by SehornBlew on September 14, 2023 at 16:11:29

i heard your argument - you certainly presented it well with your reasoning behind it. Maybe i just focus on a different element as most important. However it affects things. But in my opinion - and i get you don't agree - the change in the dimensions of players from the time the game was created and planned to now has changed the game. Just take the height of the basket - how many people 70 years ago were able to dunk the ball especially easily. How many people today can dunk - almost all of them. That changed the game - big time. Why, to apply the same question you posed to me, do you want to embrace the changes to the game rather than getting the ratio of the relationship between the dimensions of the court including basket height to the size of the players competing adjusted to what that was as the game was conceived?

Not a big deal - everything changes and we fans like what we like (in significant measure, what we are used to from when we fell in love with the game. To me the dunk is boring. i like when our players do it - successfully - because it's less likely to go wrong than a lay up but that's just rooting for UCLA to score eery time. My father's favorite player was Bob Cousy of Holy Cross and the Celtics but he grew up in Massachusetts, so.... Mine was Walt Hazzard - cause I knew him at UCLA and because as Bill Walton has said it was with Hazzard that the full vision of John Wooden's approach was realized with some really spectacular results. That's when my aesthetic about the game was formed. It's what i like.

Happy to respect your take and what you appreciate in the game altho, to be honest, what the game is today is a reflection of how it's been changed over all the years including doing away with most jump balls, clocks, dimensions of courts and players, etc. (No, i would dislike seeing them go back to jump balls after every basket - just would put that out there myself)

fun discussion - let's allow others to weigh in if they wish

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